farewell fifteen

We have all heard about the dreaded “freshman fifteen”, but what about the “farewell fifteen”?

These past several weeks, my calendar has been filled to capacity.  I guess you never really realize how many friends you have until you’re getting ready to leave them…

As stressful as this past month has been for me, it has been a true blessing.  I feel so fortunate to have so many amazing people in my life who support me and stand by me.  So many farewell dinners and goodbye drinks and lunches, not to mention an amazing party to bring so many of my friends together, thrown by my amazing boyfriend… you really can’t ask for much else.

However I’d really like to lose the 15 lbs that I’ve managed to gain from the obscene amount of alcohol and carb consumption these past several weeks… That would be really nice, too.

A few of the finishing touches at my farewell party

Beautiful flowers from the party soon took over my apartment, thanks to my parents & Mike.

A very special farewell/housewarming gift from my fellow “Skulls”… I can’t wait to put these wine glasses to use!


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