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April 5, 2013

An Ode to Italian Fare

“You know you live in an amazing city when both Paulie Gee’s and Roberta’s exist in it. Most major metropolitan areas would be lucky to have one incredible, inventive pizza restaurant like this, let alone two. And that’s not to mention the countless other legendary, more traditional pizza places we have in New York. At some point you just start to realize that you probably won’t ever be able to live anywhere else in the country and be truly happy. Good luck moving away and eventually coming to terms with the fact that a place called Tony Brooklyn’s New York Pizza in the mall near your house is your best option for a pie. That’s right. The mall. Better pick up some Zoloft on the way there.”

Oh my God… What have I done?

This particular write-up on the Immaculate Infatuation downright frightened me.  It is so true and makes me wonder how I, a pasta/pizza loving human, could leave such a magical place. It is no lie that I will desperately miss the amount of Italian food that I devour on a weekly basis.  I can’t stand to think that the next red sauce I consume will come from a jar… or that the next pasta dish I eat will be made by yours truly.  Ah!  The mere thought of all of this makes me cringe, I swear.

I have to tell you something, though… the amount of Italian food that I’ve managed to squeeze into my last three weeks in New York is mind boggling. I’m fairly certain that I should be fluent in the language by this point, I mean, really!

It was 110% necessary that I have my fix fixes before my departure (see below).

Tony’s Di Napoli, the family-style restaurant around the corner.  I will miss the convenience of walking 3 minutes for their caesar salad and penne a la vodka.

Little Italy Pizza on 43rd Street.  Always remember that the one on 43rd Street is the best. The others don’t even compare and don’t let them fool you. I will forever remember the original grandma’s and regular slices as the best single slices I’ve ever had…

Lombardi’s Pizza, better known as one of the best pies in New York.   Their pizza is pretty damn good, but is blown out of the water by Luzzo’s.

Thank God I had my Luzzo’s fix at 10PM on Good Friday… No pies in New York really compare. Then again, I haven’t had the chance to try Roberta’s or Paulie Gee’s just yet, but one or the other will happen on my next trip up.

Il Posto Accanto.  I’ll miss the warm and welcoming staff and that to-die-for cavatelli with sausage and white truffle oil.  You can’t find authentic Italian cuisine like that down South, that is for sure.

Frankies570.  I only just had my first taste of Frankies, but that, too, was pretty darn good and I hope to be back in the warmer weather so we can actually dine al fresco.

Angelo’s Pizza, a fancy-ish pizza place that I’ve been going since my ELLE days.  Not sure I’ll have much of a craving for Angelo’s, but I don’t want to speak too soon.

Osteria Morini.  So many dishes I wanted to try, so little time & money…

W.B. Kelleher’s pizza… don’t let the Irish name fool you.  My dad’s pizza has an incredible kick and I will request it each time he comes down to visit.

Locanda Verde, we meet at last.  After months of trying to dine here, Mike finally succeeded with an early bird 6:15 PM dinner reservation.  Much more to come on this later, as it deserves its own post.

I have to say that I am very proud of myself for managing to squeeze all of these in before the big move and I deserve a pat on the back for this (as does Mike, who joined me at 95% of these meals).  I am so sad to be leaving these notable places behind, but I am pretty sure my body will be thanking me in two months when I’m 10 lbs lighter, as the only Italian I’ll be seeing down in Charleston is Domino’s and Papa John’s.

Luzzo'sLuzzo’s  |  211-13 First Avenue

Osteria MoriniOsteria Morini  |  218 Lafayette Street

Frankies 570Frankies 570  |  570 Hudson Street

Il Posto AccantoIl Posto Accanto  |  190 E. 2nd Street

Lombardi'sLombardi’s  |  32 Spring Street

Locanda VerdeLocanda Verde  |  377 Greenwich Street


Little Italy Pizza  |  1 E. 43rd Street