Two Weeks Later

Aside from one big moving truck debacle, some serious issues with the world’s worst cable/Internet provider and two very heartbreaking goodbyes, my first two weeks in Charleston were relatively stress-free.

Flowers lining the perimeter of Battery Park.

I have managed to start turning a once completely bare apartment in a completely unfamiliar city into a space I can call my own… in a place that I can eventually call “home“.  I still refer to my parent’s house as “home” and I probably always will, but after adding some familiar touches from my former apartment and said “home“, I hope to turn this unfamiliar space into a close second (I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of the transformation).

The first of many S.C. sunsets.

I already feel more independent than ever.  Maybe it’s because I have no other option, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  If I want to go for a walk on the Battery after work, I don’t need to wait around for somebody to go with me, I’ll do it alone. Having the ability to come home from work while the sun is still high, hop in the car and drive, only to then watch the sunset over the water… It’s invigorating, really.  I won’t deny, however, that having a certain someone by my side would make this new experience that much more special…

Riley’s first walk along the Battery. She just loves feeling the wind in her face.

Sure it’s sad being alone sometimes (OK, more than sometimes…), and I know that if I didn’t have Riley with me, I’d be singing a much different tune–and I’m sure I’ll be singing a completely different tune in two weeks–but goodbyes and heartaches aside, I have to say that things aren’t so bad here in Charleston.

Can’t get much better than this.

My precious roommate.

Inside White Point Garden/Battery Park… Allergy season is in full swing.

A quick break with a view from the fountain in Marion Square.

As a side note, that nightmare cable/Internet provider that I mentioned: well, it’s not Time Warner. I have never had a more negative overall experience with a service or company in my entire life. From the customer service and activation to installation and products offered, not to mention the archaic DVR and cable boxes, my experience with Comcast has been the biggest headache and time-suck. I will never recommend it. Not ever.

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