the cat’s meow.

One of my girlfriends sent me a link to a photo of Kate Beckinsale the other day, and knowing that I’m always up for a good old track that item down challenge said, “Girl, I want those sunglasses.  Who do you think makes them?

Well for the remainder of the day I made it my mission to find those very sunglasses.  Try as I might, I had minimal luck, although I did find lots of similar styles that are just as stalk-worthy, if not more so.

I never saw myself as a cat-eye type of girl, but I must say that I really love the less exaggerated versions.

1. Alexander McQueen, $345  |  2. Michael Kors, $99  |  3. Chloe, $275  |  4. Elizabeth & James, $155

5. Jimmy Choo, $350  |  6. Stella McCartney, $190  |  7.  Marc by Marc Jacobs, $110  |  8. Dolce & Gabbana, $135

9. Prada, $290  |  10. Halogen, $58  |  11. Prada, $245  |  12. Valentino, $226

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