Derby Ready

The much-anticipated event in which people showcase their most outrageously preppy and spring-like fashions + headwear, has finally arrived.  Although I am not attending, I did have a chance to visit the Godfather of all hat shops, Goorin, here in Charleston.

I’m going to go ahead and assume this has to be their busiest time of year.  It’s a specialty hat boutique for crying out loud!  They even sell hat boxes–legit ones–and I am obsessed.  There really is no better way to prepare for the Kentucky Derby than by browsing shelves and shelves of gorgeous hats that can be customized to your liking.

And yes, they even have fascinators.  I am partial to this one, personally.

My favorite Derby-ready styles have to be “Macey” + “Lucy”… and you better believe that I’d be all over these two if I, myself, were headed to the Derby.  I may have to take advantage of their Thursday evening “happy hours” in which they offer bourbon and 15% off your purchase.  So long as I don’t actually have to drink the bourbon in order to receive the 15% off, I will be there.


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