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May 3, 2013

Southern Hospitality

It’s true what they say about “Southern Hospitality”.

In fact, I experience it on my walk to work each morning…  The waitress standing outside the restaurant on her cell phone stops to smile and say “good morning” mid-conversation…  The small shop owner sweeping off the sidewalk pauses to say “how ya doin’ today, ma’am?“, and the Coca Cola delivery guy, who pauses and nods, and smiles.  Then there’s the employees at Publix… the man who offers to unload my shopping cart onto the conveyor belt, followed by the teen who offers to walk my groceries to my car.

Hospitality.  That is one thing you certainly won’t find in New York.  People are too busy and too caught up in their own lives to pause for a moment to say hello, let alone acknowledge your very presence.

I purchased this pineapple long before I knew I’d be moving to Charleston, but I purchased it immediately following my very first visit.  Dating back to Christopher Columbus, the pineapple is the symbol of hospitality and you’re sure to find them just about everywhere in Charleston, from the famed Pineapple Fountain in Waterfront Park to the intricate detailing on homes.

Since that first visit last October, I had been searching for the perfect pineapple trinket and I finally found this one on eBay right around Christmas.  This particular pineapple is vintage and needs some serious cleaning, but it’s perfect. It now sits in my main room for all to see and each time I look at it, I think about my first visit to Charleston and its southern hospitality.

And now, here I am…