Locanda Verde

It’s been nearly an entire month since my first dining experience at Locanda Verde.  I can’t believe it took me so long!

Let me start off by saying that Mike and I had been trying to get in here for months (he had been with co-workers one time beforehand and only had great things to say about it).  We gave up for awhile because honestly, I hate restaurants who are:

A.  Too cool to take reservations

B.  Snotty about reservations.

Unfortunately, Locanda Verde is the latter of the two.  We get it–you’re cool.

I knew that I wanted my last dinner as a resident of NYC to be at Locanda Verde so we took the earlybird special reservation time of 6PM.  I suggest everyone either do that, or simply show up.  There were plenty of empty tables until about 8 PM rolled around.

Anyway, onto the food.  The bread, which is the key part to every meal, was hands down the best bread I have ever had.  I find myself sitting at my desk, thinking about that bread.  No joke.  Hard to explain, but everyone should experience it for themselves at some point.  We then ordered the Blue Crab for an appetizer… not one order, but two.  After having our first taste, we needed another (there seems to be a theme here).

We both knew that we wanted pasta so we ordered the Paccheri and another pasta dish with octopus, plus a side of brussel sprouts.  Both were unbelievable, really.  It pains me to write about this because my mouth is watering and there is really nothing like it down south.  

As full as we were, the food was so delicious that we had to experience the dessert.  We went with the Meyer Lemon Semifreddo and the mint gelato.  Clean plate club all night long.  And I wonder how I gained 15 lbs!

When in Rome New York City…


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