you haven’t lived…

until you’ve experienced NASCAR.

It’s true.  I was 100% against anything having to do with NASCAR three years ago… until I actually experienced it for myself. Once you get your first taste of NASCAR, I guarantee that you’ll never lose the itch.  Come hell or high water (or torrential rain and a 3+ hour drive from Charleston to Charlotte), I made it my business to be there.

Where else can you tailgate outside all day and bring your own food and beverages into the stadium for the main event?

Only at NASCAR.

It’s such an adrenaline rush, and the rush you feel is indescribable–especially to somebody who has never been. This is why I strongly suggest everyone goes if given the opportunity–at least once.  As for me, I’ll continue to make it my business to be there every year for as long as I live in the Southeast.

Yes, these people are real. And this really happened.

And those are really cars… going really, really fast.


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