Necessary Furnishings

Ever since moving into my Charleston apartment, I have been in the market for furniture–preferably pieces with generous surface areas.

The top 3 pieces on my list in order to complete my new space include:

1. A bar cart (Society Social)  |  2. A bookcase (Crate&Barrel)  |  3. A desk (Home Decorators Collection)

After unpacking all of my belongings, I soon realized that,  A. I’m a little bit of a hoarder and  B. I am in dire need of a bookcase.

Piles of coffee table books, candles and back issues from jobs past are currently resting on my floor, with nowhere to go (see below… even Riley has had enough!).  I literally keep every single issue I’ve ever worked on/have had my name published in. My mom says, “why can’t you just keep the first issue?” I must admit, she has a point, and I’m sure that time will come soon enough.

I need a bookcase, pronto. I also realized that a bar cart, as much as I’ve been lusting after one, should really fall to the end of that list.  It is by no means a necessity at this point in my tight budget life.

The leaning bookcase from The Container Store is currently propped up in my bedroom, and it holds some of my most coveted accessories… from handbags and clutches to pumps, sunglasses and bracelets.  I guess it’s more of an accessories tower than anything else.  I love that bookcase, but I felt that I needed something a bit larger for the main room.

I was on a mission to find the perfect piece, but I ended up ordering something very similar to the one I currently own.  I stumbled upon Havertys when driving around one afternoon and was drawn to the Springdale bookcase.  It was the perfect color, the perfect size, and it was on sale. Perfect.

After being down here for nearly two months (I can’t believe it, either), I am very anxious to get this junk off my floor see the final product!

Springdale Bookcase

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