The Macintosh

Upon moving to Charleston, I was determined to find the best burger in town. Nothing will ever compare to that of Shake Shack or P.J. Clarke’s, but there has got to be a burger down here that will satisfy my burger cravings.

Mike and I had already tried the HUSK Cheeseburger the first time we visited Charleston, and don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, but I need more than 1 option! In addition to HUSK, a lot of people have recommended The Macintosh, so I decided it was the perfect place to bring one of my fellow burger-loving friends when she came to visit.

From what I can remember “The Mac” was no P.J. Clarke’s or Shake Shack, but it was up there. The stand-out of the meal, though, had to be truffle fries. I love a good plate of truffle fries. The cocktails—the “Little Italy” & “The Witchdoctor“—weren’t too shabby, either.


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