Emi-Jay: The New Trend in Hair

Can somebody please tell me what the fascination is with these Emi-Jay hair ties?  I see them everywhere and I’m beginning to wonder what the fuss is all about. Is there a hypnotist hypnotizing the masses? I don’t understand…

I’ve heard such great things about these mysterious hair ties, or the new scrunchie, if you will: they’re great for thick hair, they don’t pull your hair, they don’t give you headaches… For $3 a hair tie, I had no interest in testing these claims until I recently had to make a return to a boutique in town and could only receive store credit. Ugh, why do stores do that? It is so selfish.

I digress! On to the subject at hand… this selfish boutique has a jar of Emi-Jay hair ties so I figured I would buy 3 with my credit (yep, that’s $9 + tax on hair ties. Hair ties!!) because there are so many colors it was hard to choose just one.

My admiration for this product ends at my love for the pretty colors and designs. First of all, they are terrible for thick hair. I couldn’t get the thing around my hair more than twice. Second of all, due to the knot, it pulled out more hair in 3 hours than any hair tie I have ever used before. And third of all, it gave me a splitting headache!

So I need to know… who pitched this product and why and how do they have so many loyal fans? Is it just because they have pretty colors? Is it because they’re “cool” and celebrities wear them? Maybe I just had a bad experience, but I am going to stick to my Goody Ouchless hair elastics from here on out.

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