Videos on Instagram… thoughts?

I don’t like it.  I don’t like it one bit, actually.

I love Instagram. I’ve always loved the simplicity of it. I love that it is–or should I say was–pictures, and only pictures. I hate Facebook because they made it too complicated. We all know that Facebook was so much better before all the bells and whistles were added and that it was in its prime in 2006. Soon we’ll be saying the same thing about Instagram.

Alas, I suppose these companies must add all of the unnecessary bells and whistles in order to keep the younger generations entertained, but for those of us who hate change, this is not something to get excited about. It’s all downhill from here, my friends…

And in honor of the old Instagram… Below are some of my favorite memories caught using those good old fashioned still-filters.

2013 // New Years Eve  |  Taking our annual picture by the tree  |  “Opportunity will soon knock. When it does, open the door.” I opened this fortune 2 weeks before receiving my job offer in Charleston  |  An iconic NYC building lit up for Valentine’s Day  |  The day I was offered my new job  |  Skiing Beavercreek  |  One of my all-time favorite street flower arrangements  |  A #tbt to Riley’s first day with us  |  Rangers game  |  The beautiful hustle & bustle of Grand Central  |  A very special farewell gift from some very special friends  |  Last scene leaving NYC  |  Riley enjoying her new pad  |  Central Park lunch  |  Mike’s Birthday/Mother’s Day weekend  |  NASCAR  |  Memorial Day Weekend  |  Middleton Place

2011|2012 // Southampton at sunset  |  #tbt to Riley Spiderman’s puppy days  |  Snow-covered bridge in Stowe  |  Pretty peonies  |  Easter weekend  |  Yankees game for Mike’s Birthday  |  Opening day at A.B.C.  |  Hydrangeas in Rockefeller Center  |  Vineyards for my Birthday  |  Perfect beach day  |  Architectural boat cruise around N.Y.C.  |  My Instagram account would be nothing without a Shake Shack shot  |  Clear Manhattan sky  |  Post-beach lounge with Riley  |  East Hampton artwork  |  Shelter Island adirondack chairs  |  U.S. Open  |  More perfect beach days  |  Meeting a legend  |  9/11 Memorial  |  1st trip to Charleston  |  Pumpkin picking out East  |  Fall in N.Y.C.  | Margaritas in Ft. Lauderdale  |  Jingle Ball with tweens


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