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July 29, 2013



1. MSGM skirt  |  2. Cynthia Vincent clutch  |  3. Auden Avery earrings  |  4. Gorjana cuff  |  5. Jenny Bird earrings

6. Rebecca Minkoff flats  |  7. We Are Owls scarf  |  8. Vix swimsuit  |  9. Minnetonka mocassins  |  10. ASOS dress

July 27, 2013

the lunch scene

The lunch scene in New York is like none other. It’s untouchable, really. I realize this, perhaps a little too late, but it makes me appreciate it even more so now that it’s slipped through my fingertips. This is where the phrase, “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” really does my feelings justice.

Each day, around 11 o’clock or so, I’d begin to think about what I’d eat for lunch–OK, fine, these thoughts would typically come to me on my morning subway ride… don’t judge. Pizza, sushi, a deli sandwich, a chopped salad, a hamburger, a wrap, maybe a bowl of soup if it’s a cold day, a smoothie if it’s a hot day. Everything I could possibly crave, was at my fingertips.

Now here I am, in a new city with nothing to eat for lunch. I suppose the silver lining is that I pack a lunch nearly every single day, so I’m saving that $10 that would go towards Chop’t, Bocca, Lenny’s or the pizzeria down the street every day.

Oh, but that silver lining is nothing compared to the joy of experiencing the NYC lunch scene… don’t make the same mistake I did, New Yorkers. Don’t take it for granted… although I’m sure you do.

July 25, 2013

Crave & Save: The Pom Pom Throw

Regardless of the season, I’m pretty much always chilly so I really love a good blanket to curl up with when I’m sitting on the couch watching reality TV.

I’ve had my eye on this Serena & Lily pom pom throw for months, as I think it would be the perfect addition to my apartment, but I never wanted to spend the money. I decided to do some research and found two more affordable options that are just as pretty, if not prettier. This C.Wonder blanket comes in several colors, but I think the “tourmaline” has to be my favorite.

1. Serena & Lily, $128  |  2. Second Shout Out, $359  |  3. Calypso St. Barth, $60  |  4. C.Wonder, $68

July 23, 2013

Most Wanted

1. C.Wonder glasses  |  Fun glasses that will work year-round.

2. Club Monaco dress  |  I love the color, the neckline and the detailing on this dress. So pretty.

3. Jonathan Adler vase  |  I’m always in the market for a white vase and this one is modern and playful, yet classic.

4. Lavett&Chin hair mist  |  I rarely dy my hair in the summer, so this sea salt spray would be perfect for my wash and air dry routine.

July 22, 2013

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom!

So looking forward to celebrating her Birthday with the Yankees on Sunday!

July 20, 2013

Scenes from Savannah

A tale of two sister cities… Savannah vs. Charleston.

Both cities have so much to offer… so much history. They’re both so beautiful. Both on the water. Both cities have character and incredible architecture. Both have adorable cobblestoned streets, lined with charming shops and restaurants. Both have college campuses organically incorporated into its makeup. Both are top tourist destinations. And did I mention they’re a mere 2 hours away from one another?

Many locals refer to Savannah as the inferior of the two, but I feel that both cities are beautiful and captivating in their own right. Mike felt that Charleston was 100% the better of the two cities. And yes, to an extent, I do agree.

On the other hand, Savannah has its own historic and Southern charm and characteristics that are just as intriguing and just as captivating, if not more so. Like Charleston, it’s all in the details. Those green squares covered in Spanish Moss, surrounded by churches and mini-neighbordhoods, just warmed my heart… “I’ll meet you in Chatham Square,” I imagined myself saying.

I adored the city and I loved wandering under the trees, through the city’s Manhattan-like grid layout, discovering something new and exciting with each and every turn. Of course it doesn’t beat Charleston, but it is not far behind. Charleston is missing something that I just loved about Savannah. It’s missing those frequent patches of grass that I feel are so necessary when building a city. It’s missing that gorgeous park and those towering trees.

Then again, Savannah doesn’t have the ocean…

we have arrived! Riley is ready to tour the city  |  bridges lead to hotel rooms, restaurants & businesses  |  one of the many squares  |  downtown Savannah  |  American flag out for Independence Day  |  ornate Windows on a historic building caught my eye  |  a local restaurant  |  the fountain at Forsyth Park… a mini Central Park. I fell in love  |  my all-time favorite porch  |  Another view of my favorite porch because one photo isn’t enough  |  a trolley tours the streets  |  the entrance to our hotel

flowers line Forsyth Park  |  the Hamilton-Turner Inn  |  yes, you can drink alcohol on the streets in Savannah  |  a local movie theater overlooks a square  |  row of shops & restaurants overlooking the water  |  dressed in our Independence Day bests  |  local restaurants  |  Riley on her very best behavior, enjoying the fireworks… such a perfect evening staring up at the fireworks through the Spanish moss, a glass of white wine in-hand

July 18, 2013

over the rainbow

over the rainbow

1. Etsy print  |  2. Mercedes Salazar cuff  |  3. Turkish-T towel  |  4. Furbish notecards 

5. Haskell necklace  |  6. Kara Weaves napkins  |  7. Furbish pillow  |  8. Shoshanna dress

July 17, 2013

Seinfeld: Live.

Having the opportunity to see Jerry Seinfeld perform live is yet another experience that I was thrilled to cross off my bucket list. I am very happy to say that I have seen three of my all-time favorite comedians perform live: Jay Leno, Bill Cosby and now, Jerry Seinfeld.

Jerry–we’re on a first name basis now–was on stage for just over an hour and a half, and with each joke he told, I hoped for another–and another, and another… He talked about everything from relationships and funerals to America’s obsessions with coffee, sitting, talking about how “tired” we always are and of course, technology. There was non-stop laughter from start to finish, and he had me in tears by the very end.

Before closing the show, he fielded questions from the audience and was happy to discuss just about everything from his family to his days on Seinfeld. Side note, one of his all-time favorite episodes was when Jerry stole the rye bread from the old woman, in case anyone was wondering. Classic. He also admitted to the fact that he isn’t the most talented actor, which we all knew from his days on the show, and that confession only made him more likable and hilarious.

Most importantly, he refrained from discussing politics, religion and current events. He kept it clean and all of his jokes were relatable, comical and so clever–and you can’t beat the way his pitch changes at the end of each joke. I’m beyond ecstatic to have crossed this off my bucket list, but I will be booking tickets to his next nearby show, whether in New York or South Carolina. I swear, I have not laughed so hard in a very long time. What a great way to start the weekend!

The only thing we could have asked for, in addition to this priceless show, would have been to hear him utter the words, “Hello… Newman…”

July 15, 2013

The Gin Joint

I recently met an old friend at Charleston’s The Gin Joint and it is the perfect place to grab a cocktail and catch up. We sat on the outdoor patio and ordered off the intimidating and extensive menu, consisting of liquors and concoctions I had never heard of before.

In order to keep it simple, I decided to pick two description words from “The Bartender’s Choice” portion of the menu… I went with refreshing fizzy. Everyone enjoyed their cocktails, including Mike, whose cocktail leaned more towards the feminine side, but at $10/cocktail, it’s hard to go wrong.

July 12, 2013

Most Wanted

1. Furbish Studio weekender bag  |  This bag is the ideal travel companion for those quick flights up to N.Y.C.

2. Chester NYC necklace  |  These colorful beads are so playful and each necklace is different. This one in particular is delicious.

3. Set Editions cardstock  |  Just another way to satisfy my stationery obsession.

4. Carved Solutions pitcher  |  Can’t think of a better pitcher to serve ice-cold lemonade or sangria from.

5. Sunday in Brooklyn top  |  A nautical-themed top in a ladylike silhouette. A perfect combination for summer.