rainy days

Upon moving to Charleston, I was warned about the heat. I was warned about the humidity, too… Mid-August days so hot it feels as though a steeping hot blanket has just been thrown on top of you. Days so hot you can’t breathe, let alone walk or sit outside.

Not one single person, though, warned me about the rain. It’s actually storming as I write this.  The entire city of Charleston is currently on an emergency alert and I continue to receive messages reading, “Tornado warning in this area. Take shelter now.”  So that’s comforting!

Oh, and also, I don’t have power. I feel like I’m being punished for being one of the chosen few who had power during Hurricane Sandy. I mean, this is crazy! Didn’t I move here for sunshine and beautiful weather?

Really, though, thunderstorms in Charleston are no joke. I have never seen so much rain. Ever. And similar to the saying, “when it rains, it pours”, it literally pours.

Everyone talks about this great, beautiful, wonderful, perfect weather in Charleston. I’m sorry, but it rains a lot, people. Everyday, in fact. After living down here for nearly three months now, I am trying to decide between two things, and maybe this is the New Yorker in me, but is this incessant rain really as unusual as everybody says it is, or are people down here really that much more positive than they are up North?

Somebody please tell me because let me tell you something about this rain… I don’t like it one bit, but now I hope this rainy day rant hasn’t discouraged any of my potential visitors from visiting this beautiful city…


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