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July 11, 2013

Magnolia Plantation

The forecast for Charleston was not a good one for my parents’ and Mike’s visit, but we did manage to squeeze in some time at one of the local plantations in between rain showers.

I had been struggling trying to figure out things for the four of us to do (I mean, I did just move here!), and decided that a plantation was the best bet for an afternoon activity on a potentially rainy day. After driving around for a good thirty minutes (Drayton Hall: closed; Middleton Plantation: too expensive for having only 1 hour to explore the grounds; Angel Oak Tree: although not a plantation, was closed as well), we finally decided on Magnolia Plantation.

We purchased the general admission passes, which were perfect for the short amount of time we had. The grounds, though not as well-manicured as Middleton Place, were beautiful and unexpected. Swamps, peacocks, Spanish moss, hydrangeas, bamboo and beautiful waterfronts were just a few of the sights we took in through our self-guided tour.