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July 20, 2013

Scenes from Savannah

A tale of two sister cities… Savannah vs. Charleston.

Both cities have so much to offer… so much history. They’re both so beautiful. Both on the water. Both cities have character and incredible architecture. Both have adorable cobblestoned streets, lined with charming shops and restaurants. Both have college campuses organically incorporated into its makeup. Both are top tourist destinations. And did I mention they’re a mere 2 hours away from one another?

Many locals refer to Savannah as the inferior of the two, but I feel that both cities are beautiful and captivating in their own right. Mike felt that Charleston was 100% the better of the two cities. And yes, to an extent, I do agree.

On the other hand, Savannah has its own historic and Southern charm and characteristics that are just as intriguing and just as captivating, if not more so. Like Charleston, it’s all in the details. Those green squares covered in Spanish Moss, surrounded by churches and mini-neighbordhoods, just warmed my heart… “I’ll meet you in Chatham Square,” I imagined myself saying.

I adored the city and I loved wandering under the trees, through the city’s Manhattan-like grid layout, discovering something new and exciting with each and every turn. Of course it doesn’t beat Charleston, but it is not far behind. Charleston is missing something that I just loved about Savannah. It’s missing those frequent patches of grass that I feel are so necessary when building a city. It’s missing that gorgeous park and those towering trees.

Then again, Savannah doesn’t have the ocean…

we have arrived! Riley is ready to tour the city  |  bridges lead to hotel rooms, restaurants & businesses  |  one of the many squares  |  downtown Savannah  |  American flag out for Independence Day  |  ornate Windows on a historic building caught my eye  |  a local restaurant  |  the fountain at Forsyth Park… a mini Central Park. I fell in love  |  my all-time favorite porch  |  Another view of my favorite porch because one photo isn’t enough  |  a trolley tours the streets  |  the entrance to our hotel

flowers line Forsyth Park  |  the Hamilton-Turner Inn  |  yes, you can drink alcohol on the streets in Savannah  |  a local movie theater overlooks a square  |  row of shops & restaurants overlooking the water  |  dressed in our Independence Day bests  |  local restaurants  |  Riley on her very best behavior, enjoying the fireworks… such a perfect evening staring up at the fireworks through the Spanish moss, a glass of white wine in-hand