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July 11, 2013

Magnolia Plantation

The forecast for Charleston was not a good one for my parents’ and Mike’s visit, but we did manage to squeeze in some time at one of the local plantations in between rain showers.

I had been struggling trying to figure out things for the four of us to do (I mean, I did just move here!), and decided that a plantation was the best bet for an afternoon activity on a potentially rainy day. After driving around for a good thirty minutes (Drayton Hall: closed; Middleton Plantation: too expensive for having only 1 hour to explore the grounds; Angel Oak Tree: although not a plantation, was closed as well), we finally decided on Magnolia Plantation.

We purchased the general admission passes, which were perfect for the short amount of time we had. The grounds, though not as well-manicured as Middleton Place, were beautiful and unexpected. Swamps, peacocks, Spanish moss, hydrangeas, bamboo and beautiful waterfronts were just a few of the sights we took in through our self-guided tour.

July 9, 2013

The Right Foot

This past week was the perfect way to kick off my 27th year, as well as a very busy summer ahead. It was so nice having the people I love most down here to celebrate with me and just enjoy our time together without any stress or distractions–of course I stressed about the rainy forecast, but weather aside!

The week literally flew by in an instant, but it was indeed a memorable one. My parents got into town on Friday afternoon and we enjoyed a breezy and muggy stroll along The Battery after sunset, Riley in tow. Mike arrived the next morning and the four of us ventured out to Magnolia Plantation to take in the gardens, swamps and scenery. After a brief rainfall, the skies cleared and we made our way into town for dinner at Cypress.

Sunday consisted of torrential rain (I think this was the first time it has ever rained on my Birthday… sad), but we made the most of it with a tour of the famous Calhoun Mansion on Meeting Street–can we just discuss the fact that somebody actually lives there?! They literally live in a museum–followed by a stroll through town, and afternoon wine & cheese at Bin152.

The time with my parents flew by and they were making the drive back up to New York before we knew it.

The remainder of the week consisted of some very special quality time with Mike: Post-work drinks at Coast, Stars Rooftop and The Ordinary. A delicious and thoughtful chicken parm dinner prepared by Chef Madalon while I was working the day away. Fourth of July fireworks and strolls in Savannah. A belated Birthday dinner at Magnolias. Fizzy, fruity and refreshing cocktails at The Gin Joint. Mid-week lunches at Cru Cafe, Jim ‘n Nick’s BBQ,  Closed for Business and The Rarebit. Getting caught in the rain only to see the clouds clear at Isle of Palms. Watching A-Rod play at the local RiverDogs game and getting caught in yet another downpour. Finally, to cap off the weekend, a picture perfect day in Folly Beach– our one and only day without rain!

The week could not have been more perfect and it was the most wonderful way to kick off this very scary year. I have high hopes for twenty-seven! Gosh that sounds old…

Magnolia Plantation

Magnolia PlantationScenes from Magnolia Plantation.

Think I have a sweet tooth? That, and a boyfriend who knows me all too well.

Pre-dinner photo-op.

calhoun mansion

16 Meeting St.

A very thoughtful gift (read the label).

She just loves her walks along The Battery.

Post-work drinks at Stars Rooftop.

A-Rod takes Charleston.

Mike & I were in the bagel shop and witnessed this… Riley is officially the most popular girl in Charleston.

Touring Savannah.

Pre-/post-storm scenes in Isle of Palms.

First trip to Folly Beach.

July 3, 2013

rainy days

Upon moving to Charleston, I was warned about the heat. I was warned about the humidity, too… Mid-August days so hot it feels as though a steeping hot blanket has just been thrown on top of you. Days so hot you can’t breathe, let alone walk or sit outside.

Not one single person, though, warned me about the rain. It’s actually storming as I write this.  The entire city of Charleston is currently on an emergency alert and I continue to receive messages reading, “Tornado warning in this area. Take shelter now.”  So that’s comforting!

Oh, and also, I don’t have power. I feel like I’m being punished for being one of the chosen few who had power during Hurricane Sandy. I mean, this is crazy! Didn’t I move here for sunshine and beautiful weather?

Really, though, thunderstorms in Charleston are no joke. I have never seen so much rain. Ever. And similar to the saying, “when it rains, it pours”, it literally pours.

Everyone talks about this great, beautiful, wonderful, perfect weather in Charleston. I’m sorry, but it rains a lot, people. Everyday, in fact. After living down here for nearly three months now, I am trying to decide between two things, and maybe this is the New Yorker in me, but is this incessant rain really as unusual as everybody says it is, or are people down here really that much more positive than they are up North?

Somebody please tell me because let me tell you something about this rain… I don’t like it one bit, but now I hope this rainy day rant hasn’t discouraged any of my potential visitors from visiting this beautiful city…