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August 30, 2013

end of summer sales

It’s sad to say goodbye to summer so soon, but not so sad to say hello to the Labor Day Weekend sales that are happening right now. Here are some of my favorite end of summer sale items to add to your summer 2014 wardrobe…

C.Wonder earrings  |  Madewell rings  |  J.Crew sandals  |  Timex watch  |  ASOS clutch  |  Rag & Bone sunglasses  |  Kate Spade bracelet  |  Joie sandals  |  3.1 Phillip Lim bag  |  Madewell backpack  |  Bauble Bar necklace

N. Peal Cashmere sweater  |  Tibi pants  |  Topshop dress  |  Madewell skirt

J.Crew swimsuit  |  J.Crew top  |  Tibi dress

August 30, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

The weather here in Charleston is finally drying out and clearing up. It was quite the rainy summer, which makes it hard to believe that Labor Day Weekend is upon us… the unofficial end to summer.

I am so thrilled to be spending the holiday weekend at home, in New York, with the people I love most. 

August 28, 2013

Weekend Scenes from Charleston

August 24, 2013

Morris Island Lighthouse

One thing I love about Charleston is how much it has to offer. For such a small city, there is never a lack of things to see and/or do. There’s still so much for me to discover in Charleston, but I’m doing my best to explore my surroundings as often as I can.

Mike and I finally had a nice weekend so we took full advantage by spending the entire weekend at the beach, and after a long beach day, we decided to check out the Morris Island Lighthouse. The lighthouse is completely surrounded by water now, so it’s crazy to think that it was once surrounded by land and buildings. I guess this only proves that Charleston really is sinking.

Sinking aside, the walk to view the lighthouse felt like forever in the heavy heat, but in reality only took about 10 minutes. The only way to really see to the lighthouse is by foot or boat, so be prepared to walk if you want to check it out, and I suggest bringing a bottle of water. 

August 22, 2013

this is our house, this is our rules

Another successful Slow Idaho reunion for the books, with Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” being the theme song of the weekend. I am fairly certain that we played blasted that song at least twenty times.

On another note, there was lots to celebrate since the last time we were all together in the very same location 1+ year ago. Two engagements, one big move, new jobs, promotions, exciting relationships and so much more. It’s crazy to think about how much has changed since the last time we reunited, but all for the better and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next one.

August 20, 2013

seeing spots

Too much leopard is never a good thing. A few spots, however, can make all the difference in an outfit or space, and each piece below will make the seamless transition from summer to fall.

1. Equipment blouse  |  2. Sea skirt  |  3. Clare Vivier clutch  |  4. 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch  

5. Loeffler Randall flats {I am obsessed with these… clearly} 

6. Kate Spade pumps  |  7. Sheriff & Cherry sunglasses  |  8. Beau Studio stool

August 16, 2013

Most Wanted: Fall Edition

1. Lost Property of London handbag  |  the ideal color for this sophisticated shape.

2. Loeffler Randall flats  |  I always love a good pointy toe flat and these are perfect.

3. Lizzie Fortunato cuff  |  I’ve been eyeing this cuff for months and I’m just waiting to make my move.

4. Sunday in Brooklyn dress  |  a great dress that can be worn with flats or booties.

5. Exquisite J belt  |  a fun pop for any outfit.

6. J.Crew earrings  |  another fun pop that I can’t help but go back to over and over.

7. Rag & Bone booties  |  the most comfortable booties for running around the streets of Charleston + N.Y.C.

8. Georgie jacket  |  any sort of army inspired jacket will catch my eye, and the details on this are just as eye-catching.

9. J.Crew pants  |  casual chinos turned fancy with this simple tuxedo stripe.

August 14, 2013

a tween miracle

For those who didn’t know me growing up, I had a slightly unhealthy obsession with the band Sugar Ray. I’d scribble “Meghan McGrath” on everything from my marble notebooks to my backpack to my Steve Madden platform sneakers. My walls were plastered with Mark McGrath’s face and I had a framed photograph of him, sitting on my dresser, next to my bed. I’d attend any and every concert possible, dragging everyone from my best friends to my older sister and yes, even my dad. My poor father.

This year, I dragged my boyfriend.

I asked him how it would make him feel to be in the presence of my first love and he just laughed, because, well, he never knew the extent of that obsession love.

We’d been looking forward to the “Under the Sun” tour, spotlighting Sugar Ray + 4 to 5 other bands for months, and I was so excited to have him experience a band that I once admired so much–and still do a little bit. You never can shake your first love, you know… 

As it turned out, Mike’s flight was 5+ hours delayed on Friday night. I was in quite the predicament. Do I sell the tickets? Do I let them go to waste? Or… do I go by myself in hopes that he will land in time to make it for the end of the show? The concert started at 7:30 PM and at 8:45, after feeling sorry for myself for two hours, I decided to do the ultimate independent act, and go to a concert, alone.

After a drama-filled ride to (and from–and back again) the concert venue, followed by an intense sprint around the entire coliseum (main doors were closed due to the time), I made it inside. Our seats were on the floor, ten rows back from the stage. Thank you, Charleston, and thank you, Mike!

I about fainted when I realized that I had either just made it for Sugar Ray’s performance, or merely missed it by a few minutes. I nearly fainted again once I discovered that Sugar Ray was performing next (seriously, thank you, God). At this point I didn’t even care that I was standing solo in the 10th row. I didn’t care that my left hand was pointing to the sky and my right was wrapped around a Coors Light draft. I didn’t care that I felt butterflies when “Someday” started. And I certainly didn’t care that I was the only person singing when the band played songs nobody had ever heard of before.

I felt thirteen again.

To make the night even better, Mike made his appearance by the third song. For a night that started off on such a sour note, I ended up being the happiest girl in Charleston by the end of it.

August 14, 2013

Save the Date: Phillip Lim for Target

Mark your calendars, kids!

I cannot tell a lie. I have never been too keen on the high end designer/mass retail chain collaborations, but the highly anticipated 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collaboration is looking pret-ty great right about now… The pieces appear to be well-made, and I love the unexpected details, not to mention those prints! If I didn’t know any better, I’d think these pieces were the real deal.

August 9, 2013

LDR Problems

I never used to mind flying so much. That is, until I started hating it–no, despising it. 

A flight can make or break a weekend when you’re in a long distance relationship. It is an added stress and an added headache to an already difficult situation, and a simple hiccup can throw off an entire trip. As I sit here now, waiting for my boyfriend to arrive for a concert that we have planned to go to since I moved, I am kicking myself for being so foolish as to say, “Sure, book a flight for Friday afternoon… we’ll have plenty of time to make the concert.”  

His flight is now officially four hours late and still on the ground in New York.

My last flight to/from New York was a complete mess, as are most Delta flights. And as I sit here on my couch, as opposed to tailgating in a parking lot, I wonder, how do these airlines stay in business? Really, though. There is always a delay, a last minute cancellation.

Has flying always been this difficult? You’d think that now, in the 21st century, we’d have less delays and less problems than we had 20+ years ago, but no. Of course not. I am so very over the stress of this flying back and forth thing, and it’s only been four months.