Morris Island Lighthouse

One thing I love about Charleston is how much it has to offer. For such a small city, there is never a lack of things to see and/or do. There’s still so much for me to discover in Charleston, but I’m doing my best to explore my surroundings as often as I can.

Mike and I finally had a nice weekend so we took full advantage by spending the entire weekend at the beach, and after a long beach day, we decided to check out the Morris Island Lighthouse. The lighthouse is completely surrounded by water now, so it’s crazy to think that it was once surrounded by land and buildings. I guess this only proves that Charleston really is sinking.

Sinking aside, the walk to view the lighthouse felt like forever in the heavy heat, but in reality only took about 10 minutes. The only way to really see to the lighthouse is by foot or boat, so be prepared to walk if you want to check it out, and I suggest bringing a bottle of water. 


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