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October 25, 2013

Day to Night: The Velvet Pant

watch: Shinola  |  boots: Madewell  |  scarf: Remi & Reid  |  button down: J.Crew  |  tote: Madewell

velvet pants: J.Crew

earrings: J.Crew  |  clutch: DVF  |   necklace: Adia Kabur  |  sandals: Vince  |  top: Tibi

October 21, 2013

Crave & Save: The Moto Jacket

1. Club Monaco  |  2. Mackage  |  3. OBEY

I have dozens and dozens of jackets in my closet, but I routinely find myself reaching for the same three pieces once fall rolls around: my black blazer, my army green combination jacket with leather sleeves, and my black leather jacket.

What’s so great about the black moto jacket is that it adds edge to a seemingly girly or feminine outfit and instantly makes you feel more comfortable and cool. For seven years, mine has never let me down, and I feel that it’s a must in just about every girl’s wardrobe.

Although it is definitely a splurge-worthy item, there are lots of different price points to choose from depending on your budget.

1. Alexander Wang, $1,750  |  2. ACNE, $1,600  |  3. Theory, $1,295

4. Topshop, $85  |  5. ZARA, $119

October 19, 2013

Fall Ready

I’m really enjoying Charleston in the fall… The air is dry, the skies are blue, the days are warm, and the nights are crisp. I love the fact that I can still wear flip-flops and that light jackets aren’t completely out of the question. And I’m really enjoying the fact that I can still sit by the pool without getting goosebumps.

Since the leaves haven’t changed just yet, I’ve tried to do what I can to bring the harvest season into my apartment, which definitely has more of a summery vibe year-round (think whites, beiges, light blues, and citrus greens). I decided to have a DIY day this past weekend and make a run to Michaels for some fall-inspired pieces. I had my heart set on making my own wreath and and it isn’t half bad, if I do say so myself.

Riley even jumped on the bandwagon with a fall-inspired piece of her own!

October 18, 2013

Williamsburg, BK

Flea markets, street art, hipsters, and phenomenal city views… Similar to my experience with Hoboken, I didn’t make it out to Brooklyn all that much when I lived in Manhattan, but Williamsburg deserves a shout out.

Although Williamsburg didn’t tug at my heartstrings quite the way Hoboken did, I found that this city, too, has so much to offer. Mike and I stayed at the Wythe, a boutique hotel offering unbelievable views of the Manhattan skyline. Unfortunately for me, the city was trapped in a serious fog for 24 hours straight and I wasn’t able to see these stunning views for myself. Alas…

The hotel was interesting, yet beautiful, and within walking distance of some amazing shops and restaurants. Mike and I may have stood out like a couple of sore thumbs as we strolled down Bedford Street–mainly Mike, in his lime green shorts–but we loved roaming the neighborhood and its artsy shops and coffee shops.

October 16, 2013

Hoboken, N.J.

Here’s what I knew about Hoboken before I had a chance to discover it for myself:

  • It floods 

  • They have a big St. Patrick’s Day celebration every year

  • The home of Carlo’s Bakery, a.k.a. The Cake Boss

  • The PATH gets you here

  • It floods

Yes, I said it floods twice, but it really, really floods. So I think it deserves to be on there twice.

Aside from the list above, I wasn’t too well-versed on the city of Hoboken. I visited the city twice in my life: once for St. Patrick’s Day, and the other time at 8 o’clock at night on a Tuesday. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to really visit and stroll through the city, I fell in love. I had the chance to brunch at Anthony David’s, get a chicken parm sandwich from Lisa’s Deli, and eat dinner at Three A’s–an old Hoboken spot with delicious Italian food.

The city is clean and beautiful. The food is fantastic. It is a true neighborhood with everything you need within walking distance. There’s a deli and/or a pizza parlor on every other corner. The streets are lined with brownstones. And the view of Manhattan cannot be beat.

October 14, 2013


No pun intended (originally), but to be quite honest, I was blown away by Drybar. What a simple concept that makes me think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Their branding alone makes me both happy and envious at the same time.

I felt special and pampered from the moment I stepped through the doors into the yellow and white oasis which was buzzing with the sounds of blowdryers, laughter, and music. The “menu” offers an array of hairstyles for every girl… I went with the “Straight Up” as I thought the simpler the better for my first go-round at Drybar.

My stylist was sweet and attentive as she styled my hair and I sipped on champagne and watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s on the screen in front of me. The blowout lasted through 1 subway ride, 1 rehearsal dinner, 1 muggy outdoor brunch, 1 outdoor wedding, 1 very long misty walk through Brooklyn, 1 plane ride, and several long car rides from NYC to Hoboken, from Hoboken to Brooklyn, and back again. And then to the airport. So worth it.

Most importantly, I think I found a keeper in their Detox Dry Shampoo. It smells amazing, rejuvenates the hairstyle, and doesn’t make a mess. Unfortunately for my bank account, I am officially sold on Drybar.

October 12, 2013

A Family Grows in Brooklyn

The Venue: MyMoon  |  The Location: Brooklyn, N.Y.  |  The Date: October 5, 2013

The Couple: Mike’s older brother, Matt, and his beautiful bride, Ashley

The Vibe: Shabby chic in the city

October 11, 2013


I’m pretty sure the social media gods have created a National “Day” for just about everything… from National Grilled Cheese Day to National Hug Day, you can literally name anything and there’s a “day” dedicated to it. It’s actually kind of insulting. Anything for a trending hashtag…

Apparently it was National Handbag Day yesterday so since I missed the memo on this, I decided to pay a little tribute to the day with all of the great “it” bags on my infinite wish list.

1. ONE by Meli Melo  |  2. Saint Laurent  |  3. Bottega Veneta  |  4. Chanel

5. Balenciaga  |  6. Céline  |  7. Lost Property of London

October 9, 2013


Call it what you want to call it–oxblood, burgundy, or cabernet–this color is back for fall in a big way, seen in leather, suede, cashmere, and everything in between.


1. All Saints dress  |  2. Marc Jacobs watch  |  3. Club Monaco gloves  |  4. Jon Josef smoking slippers

5. McQ Alexander McQueen skirt  |  6. J.Crew cardigan  |  7. Salvatore Ferragamo wallet  |  8. Vince heels

9. Lizzy Disney cuff  |  10. ASOS clutch  |  11. J.Crew trench


October 2, 2013

October’s Past

The first day of October has come and gone… The Halloween decorations are out in full force and the kids have been back in school for weeks. I find myself hating on fall more often than not, as I view it as the evil season that tears the precious summer away from us, but fall, too, is a very special time of year–October in particular.

In the past five years, some of my favorite memories have been from the month of October… misbehaving at homecoming, cutting a rug at my sister’s wedding, visiting the pumpkin patches with Riley and Mike, four alums visiting our alma mater, shopping for fall flowers with my dad, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, watching the leaves change in Central Park, and dressing up and acting like fools with my girlfriends on Halloween.

I welcome this October with open arms. Mike, Riley and I may not be making our annual trip out east to go pumpkin picking and I may not be painting the town red this Halloween, but new and exciting experiences will be had and special memories will be formed… and that’s what fall is all about, isn’t it? It’s about change. The leaves are changing, the temperatures are changing, the clothes are changing–even the clocks are changing. The days may be shorter, but somehow we manage to fill those days with unforgettable adventures and traditions, year after year.