King + Duke

It was my first-ever visit to the largest Peach State city and my first impression was not so great. I had been to Savannah and fell in love, but my feelings towards Atlanta fell short. This negative first impression dates back to flight delays and several missed connections with limited WiFi access and food choices.

The Atlanta Airport is a zoo. And it’s an enormous zoo at that. It is so confusing and so complicated and it takes at least thirty minutes to get from point A to point B, which is not something I am fond of, seeing as I leave as little time as possible from check-in to boarding.

Then there’s rush hour. People talk about the traffic in New York, L.A., and D.C., but Atlanta is up there with the worst of them. Honestly, if my first impression of this city wasn’t so negative, I am sure I would feel a lot differently, but first impressions mean a lot.

Another first was the Atlanta food scene. After a long day of traveling, we ate at Ford Fry’s popular King + Duke. The atmosphere was fun, the food was so-so, and the service was subpar. The waitress gave me an attitude when I asked that my steak be cooked medium plus, and once our food arrived, she disappeared and never came back to check on us. If the service had been just a little more pleasant and accommodating (checking to see if we would like a glass of wine with our steak would have been a nice touch), I am sure my King + Duke experience would have been a bit more positive. They did have matches, though, which I gladly accepted and added to my collection.


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