October’s Past

The first day of October has come and gone… The Halloween decorations are out in full force and the kids have been back in school for weeks. I find myself hating on fall more often than not, as I view it as the evil season that tears the precious summer away from us, but fall, too, is a very special time of year–October in particular.

In the past five years, some of my favorite memories have been from the month of October… misbehaving at homecoming, cutting a rug at my sister’s wedding, visiting the pumpkin patches with Riley and Mike, four alums visiting our alma mater, shopping for fall flowers with my dad, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, watching the leaves change in Central Park, and dressing up and acting like fools with my girlfriends on Halloween.

I welcome this October with open arms. Mike, Riley and I may not be making our annual trip out east to go pumpkin picking and I may not be painting the town red this Halloween, but new and exciting experiences will be had and special memories will be formed… and that’s what fall is all about, isn’t it? It’s about change. The leaves are changing, the temperatures are changing, the clothes are changing–even the clocks are changing. The days may be shorter, but somehow we manage to fill those days with unforgettable adventures and traditions, year after year.


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