Hoboken, N.J.

Here’s what I knew about Hoboken before I had a chance to discover it for myself:

  • It floods 

  • They have a big St. Patrick’s Day celebration every year

  • The home of Carlo’s Bakery, a.k.a. The Cake Boss

  • The PATH gets you here

  • It floods

Yes, I said it floods twice, but it really, really floods. So I think it deserves to be on there twice.

Aside from the list above, I wasn’t too well-versed on the city of Hoboken. I visited the city twice in my life: once for St. Patrick’s Day, and the other time at 8 o’clock at night on a Tuesday. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to really visit and stroll through the city, I fell in love. I had the chance to brunch at Anthony David’s, get a chicken parm sandwich from Lisa’s Deli, and eat dinner at Three A’s–an old Hoboken spot with delicious Italian food.

The city is clean and beautiful. The food is fantastic. It is a true neighborhood with everything you need within walking distance. There’s a deli and/or a pizza parlor on every other corner. The streets are lined with brownstones. And the view of Manhattan cannot be beat.


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