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November 29, 2013

Christmas in November

For nearly 25 years, the James Island County Park has held its annual Holiday Festival of Lights.

I had actually never heard about it so when I brought Riley to the dog park the weekend after Labor Day, I was stunned to see so many light installations in place. Each time we went, we’d see more and more of these light installations. The Holiday Festival of Lights runs from November 8 – December 31 so as much as I hate celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, I thought it was the perfect thing to bring my parents to while they were in town.

It may have been 70+ degrees as we drove through the park with the windows rolled down, but it still somehow managed to put us in the Christmas spirit. I seriously cannot get over the amount of work that goes into this each year and it is so well done. Such a nice a nice tradition for families to do together year after year (and their pets–Riley loved it).

November 27, 2013

curl up with one

C.Wonder ikat mug

Confession: I’ve never had a cup of coffee. Ever. Not once. And I don’t plan to anytime in the near future, but I love sipping on hot chocolate as soon as the temperatures hit below 50 degrees. 

The temperatures have been up and down in Charleston (one day it’s 75, the next it’s 45), but the coldest day of the year was on Sunday and you better believe that I whipped the Swiss Miss and my favorite mug out.

Below are some of my favorite curl up on the couch with some hot cocoa mugs for the chilly season.

1. Laura Zindel  |  2. Furbish  |  3. Reiko Kaneko  |  4. Anthropologie

5. L’Objet  |  6. C.Wonder

November 26, 2013

Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria

It’s been just under one month since my last visit to New York, but I need to document a couple of my dining experiences from that particular visit, one being at Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria, the younger sister to the twenty year old Il Buco

I’ve been wanting to check out Il Buco Vineria since I saw Pete Wells’ review in The New York Times last February. I’d been to the restaurant for site inspections, but I never got around to eating there while I was living in Manhattan. Given that I had an event right around the corner last month, dinner at Il Buco Vineria was an easy choice.

I was a little tipsy by the time we made it to the restaurant, but from what I can remember, the food was delicious. The appetizers were great and my main dish, the Busiate was incredible (see photo below). I can’t wait to go back for one of my monthly Italian fixes, and if not for dinner, then for something from the market, or should I say, the Alimentari.

November 25, 2013

Weekend Scenes from Charleston

This past weekend was bittersweet in that my parents came to take Riley home for the holidays. I knew that I wanted her in New York for Thanksgiving and Christmas (the mere thought of boarding her for all of those days–and during Christmas!–made me sick). 

On Saturday morning, she woke me at 7:15 so I took her down to The Battery and we walked around downtown for over an hour. It was sunny and hot so the morning walk was perfect. We took our usual route, but made a few unexpected turns. I swear that every time we walk around downtown Charleston I discover something new and beautiful.

November 24, 2013

a day early

There was a knock at the door around 9:30 PM. I began to panic as I was sitting on the floor in my flannel pajama set playing tug of war with my dog. I froze as Riley ran to the door and tried to burrow her nose into the cracks.

Could they hear us?

Another knock thirty seconds later brought me straight into my bedroom. Just as I was about to grab my phone to call my boyfriend, I heard a key in the keyhole.

Oh my God… Did I leave my door unlocked when I took Riley for a walk earlier? Did somebody walk into my apartment and grab one of my keys? Why do they have to be so accessible?

As the door opened, I heard a familiar voice… “Helloooo!!!

Riley’s tail was wagging furiously and my heart was pounding out of my chest.

That familiar voice belonged to Mike. Fortunately for me, I knew he was coming that weekend so my apartment was in near perfect condition. He somehow managed to keep his early arrival a secret from me for months, but we took advantage of our extended weekend as best we could and enjoyed the beautiful September-like weather.

November 21, 2013

36 hours in Houston

There are very few things I hate more than driving in a new city. I’d much rather navigate an unfamiliar city on foot, or by taxi cab, or sitting shotgun controlling the radio. It wasn’t until college that I set my four wheels on the highway so to say that I’m not fond of life in the fast lane is an understatement.

I can drive around New York, no problem. And now that I’ve settled into Charleston, it’s not so bad. Then there was Atlanta. Hell. And the other weekend: Houston. Even bigger hell.

People drive extremely slow in Charleston–like below the speed limit slow–and I expected all Southern states and cities to follow that very same trend. Not Houston, though. Oh no. First my GPS fails me and then I can’t get the headlights on my hideous rental car to work. I make it to the highway only to have a massive pick-up truck with 100-inch rims barreling toward my bumper as I’m trying to merge across four lanes. Frightening. Oh, and to top it off, I was driving this… in white! Humiliating.

Highways were colliding, the merging never ended, construction everywhere I turned. Awful. Let’s just say that I was relieved to be back in Charleston amongst the Sunday drivers in less than 36 hours.

One thing I managed to do in Houston, though, aside from working and driving, was shop. I have to give it to them. The shopping is top notch. I really miss department stores. There are no department stores in Charleston! I also miss other retail chains like ZARA, Madewell, and Club Monaco. The Houston Galleria had all of these and so much more. Oh, and did I mention they also had an ice skating rink inside the mall? They really don’t skimp in Texas!

November 19, 2013

Most Wanted

1. J.Crew blouse  |  One of my co-workers has this blouse and I obsess over it each time she wears it. The print is fun, but not too obvious, and the color goes with everything.

2. Loeffler Randall minaudière  |  I’m all about the minaudières right now. I have such big purses and I always bring more than necessary when I go out. These help prevent that.

3. Pottery Barn jewelry cloche  | I love putting cloches on top of my candles, so why not use them for jewelry?

4. Vita Fede bracelet  |  I am drawn to anything two-toned.

5. Whistles skirt  |  The faux leather makes it affordable, but it looks and feels so real.

November 17, 2013

Lumberjack Plaid

More formally known as Buffalo plaid, this color combo screams, well, lumberjack, but also holiday. I’m loving the looks this season, from button down shirts to skirts to vests to edgy jackets.

Tread lightly and wear only one plaid piece per outfit in order to avoid looking like you stepped out of Clueless, a punk rock music video, or an L.L. Bean catalog.

1. Alice + Olivia skirt  |  2. Harvey Faircloth dress  |  3. Tec Fleece ear warmers

4. J.Crew scarf  |  5. Madewell vest  |  6. Nasty Gal jacket  |  7. Free People dog collar

1. Madewell  |  2. Equipment   |  3. J.Crew

November 10, 2013

NYC Weekend Recap

Since moving down South, I have been so fortunate to have the best of both worlds. While I  live in Charleston, I’ve had the opportunity to visit home more than I ever could have imagined (thank God for those direct Delta flights).

Similar to all of my N.Y.C. visits since moving, this past weekend was packed to the gills. Between an event for work, dinner plans each night, lunch with friends, a blowout at Drybar, strolling around Downtown and Midtown Manhattan, dancing all over the Upper East Side until 4:30 AM, working at The New York Public Library, and spending a day out on Long Island with my parents, I was exhausted come Sunday evening.

Until next time…

November 7, 2013

Crave & Save: Leather-Trimmed Tuxedo Jacket

I love a good blazer… I love a good tuxedo jacket even more and if there’s leather trim on there, I’m sold.

The tuxedo jacket is an easy piece to throw on–one that completely transforms any outfit–and the leather adds a bit of edge without losing the sophistication and elegance.

From the moment I saw Saint Laurent’s leather-trimmed tuxedo jacket, I didn’t have to search too far to find ZARA’s spot-on, much more affordable take.

Saint Laurent, $2,890  |  ZARA, $139