a day early

There was a knock at the door around 9:30 PM. I began to panic as I was sitting on the floor in my flannel pajama set playing tug of war with my dog. I froze as Riley ran to the door and tried to burrow her nose into the cracks.

Could they hear us?

Another knock thirty seconds later brought me straight into my bedroom. Just as I was about to grab my phone to call my boyfriend, I heard a key in the keyhole.

Oh my God… Did I leave my door unlocked when I took Riley for a walk earlier? Did somebody walk into my apartment and grab one of my keys? Why do they have to be so accessible?

As the door opened, I heard a familiar voice… “Helloooo!!!

Riley’s tail was wagging furiously and my heart was pounding out of my chest.

That familiar voice belonged to Mike. Fortunately for me, I knew he was coming that weekend so my apartment was in near perfect condition. He somehow managed to keep his early arrival a secret from me for months, but we took advantage of our extended weekend as best we could and enjoyed the beautiful September-like weather.


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