Crave & Save: The Backpack

I remember my first “designer” backpack… Kate Spade. Black nylon. Teeny tiny. I could fit my pens, wallet, and day planner and that was about it. I didn’t even own a cell phone then so the bag was pretty much useless. But it was so cool. I still have it–tucked away in the back of my armoire at my parents’ house. Maybe I’ll bring it back, who knows.

Well, backpacks are… back? And some of the price points are borderline offensive. It’s a backpack! Alas, below are my favorite highs and semi-lows.

1. Longchamp, $125  |  2. Baggu, $34  |  3. Kate Spade Saturday, $180  |  4. Style & Co., $52

5. Rag & Bone, $725  |  6. Alexander Wang, $1,050  |  7. B Brian Atwood, $350  |  8. Madewell, $248


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