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December 28, 2013

ABC Cocina

It’s actually been weeks since I dined at ABC Cocina, but I felt the urge to document it when my sister and brother-in-law talked about their experience at ABC Carpet & Home during a rainy day in NYC this past week.

I really enjoyed my experience at ABC Kitchen last year so I expected nothing less from its sister restaurant.

ABC Cocina did not disappoint. The atmosphere seemed a bit more intimate than that of ABC Kitchen’s–it also didn’t hurt that we were tucked away from the crowds with a prime window seat–and the food was just as satisfying (my girlfriends and I walked away with way too much of it in our bellies).

Both restaurants are decorated beautifully (are we surprised?), but both have their own design elements–ABC Cocina is dark and almost grungy, whereas ABC Kitchen is light, airy, and feminine (much more my style). It’s hard to choose sides here so it really all depends on what you’re craving–the names say it all.