Charleston Snow Day

When I was little, I used to yearn for those occasional snow days. I remember waking up at sunrise to peer through my blinds in anticipation of a winter wonderland reality. If the streets were plowed, it was never a good sign. If the streets were coated in a blanket of white, however, I’d know right then and there that I could turn that alarm off. I’d always wake up before my alarm, though, and would lie in bed and wait for my mom to come in and tell me the good news.

Snow days are few and far between up North. Down South, however, people react to 6 centimeters of snow as if it were 6 feet. Bridges close, grocery stores close, schools shut down for days… all in anticipation of a thin dusting of snow. I could get used to this snow-drama, but I’m ready for some real snow this weekend and I’m hoping that Stowe has more than just a thin dusting.

I made the most of my snow day by running some much-needed errands, baking cupcakes eating cake batter, watching some of my favorite shows on DVD, and treating myself to some beautiful white hydrangeas. Running errands on a “snow day” is blissful… empty streets, empty stores, and zero lines.

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