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February 2, 2014

The Spa at Charleston Place

I hadn’t had a massage in over a year and just when I was about ready to pull the trigger and purchase one for myself, I received a gift certificate to The Spa at Charleston Place. The Spa offers a 10% discount Sunday-Thursday, so in order to make the most of our funds, we chose to take a 1/2 day from work and make an afternoon of it.

Despite the construction noise–my masseuse was extremely apologetic–the massage was perfection. The sauna + the heated table and blankets during the massage were just what I needed after walking around in the cold. My masseuse also offered me some great tips and stretches in order to reduce my tightness–Are you training for a marathon? No… Oh, your legs are very tight, I thought you were a runner. OK, that is actually laughable. She also told me that my shoulders were some of the tightest she had ever felt. I hear it every time. I’m not sure why, but my family carries all of our stress in our bodies, apparently.

After learning some stretches, I took a post-massage dip in the hot tub and forced myself to ride the bike at the gym for 15 minutes. I made sure to take full advantage, and I’ve already begun thinking about when I can make my way back…