a winter wonderland weekend

I know I say this every time, but I am just now recovering from yet another memorable weekend up North. It’s funny how some people, myself included, need to actually leave a place in order to appreciate it.

The weekend didn’t start off as well as I had hoped, though. “Snow” in Charleston meant road closures, and the biggest bridge in the city unexpectedly closed just before rush hour on Friday afternoon–just as I was leaving for the airport. A drive that typically takes no more than 20 minutes took me over 90 minutes.

After having several legit panic attacks in my immobile car–all of which consisted of sobbing, screaming, slamming my hands against the steering wheel, calling Mike and my parents in tears, and driving up on the shoulder of the highway–I screeched up to the Charleston Airport valet stand at 4:35 PM. I dropped my keys, grabbed my bags, and darted to security.

By the time I got to security, it was 4:39 PM and my flight was on-time and scheduled to depart CHS for JFK at 4:50 PM. I had 11 minutes. If I had been leaving from any other airport, I never would have made that flight, and if I had missed it, I never would have gotten another flight up to New York, thanks to the Super Bowl–which was so much less eventful than my airport adventure, by the way.

Upon landing in New York, Mike and I hit the road and headed even further North–just 100 miles South of Canada–to Stowe, VT. We’ve been venturing up there for the past three years and I’m pretty sure we’ve decided to make it an annual tradition. It’s a really special town with a lot of character and charm, and it’s particularly special to me because my parents used to do the same exact thing when they were young. Mike and I stayed at the cozy Green Mountain Inn, home to one of our favorite restaurants, The Whip Bar & Grill, and after staying there, we will never have the desire to stay anywhere else.

We had a great day of skiing–one of our best yet–and the snow fell for our last three runs. We got back to the hotel, set our Bean Boots by the fireplace, and slipped into our swim suits only to make ourselves comfortable in the outdoor hot tub as we watched the snow fall from above. It snowed through the night, but cleared up just in time for our departure.

We woke up in Connecticut Monday morning to a winter wonderland, quite literally. Snow was falling and everything was covered by 9 AM. It was beautiful, but let me tell you, it was stressful. We had plans to see Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden that evening and I sure as hell wasn’t going to let six inches of heavy snow stop me from seeing my favorite musician. God willing, we made it to the show, and for the first time ever that next morning, I made it back down to Charleston without a single flight delay, cancellation, lost bag, or mishap.

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