Xiao Bao Biscuit

Charlestonians talk about Xia Bao Biscuit like New Yorkers talked about The NoMad or ACME. I have to say that I’m slightly offended by this. Sure, the restaurant concept is fun and interesting, but in no way is this award-winning or even drool-worthy food. The design is fun and trendy, the menu is short, yet interesting, but the food was just so-so.

They pride themselves on their “Asian Soul Food” yet not a single Asian person works there. Maybe that’s why my “sticky rice” was more like rice glued together to form a tennis ball. I suppose I’ll have to switch my order up next time around because the sticky rice, cabbage pancake, and chicken were not all that impressive. I will give them one thing, though… the brussels sprouts–although a little soggy and salty for my usual taste–were very good. Looks like it’s brussels sprouts for dinner the next time I dine at Xia Bao.


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