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April 11, 2014


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Leaf has one of the few things that Charleston somewhat lacks… a beautiful outdoor space. Just off busy King Street, Leaf’s welcoming patio has lured me in on more than one occasion. I’d been only once before–for drinks on a very rainy day, and then for dinner this past Saturday. Saturday night consisted of clear skies and a perfect temperature of 75°. The weather may have been better the second time around, but the experience was not.

First things first. Bread never made it to the table. I’m not sure if they don’t serve bread, or if our waiter simply forgot. Either way, no bread is a major red flag. I ordered the shrimp vegetable risotto for my entree and not only were the vegetables not fresh, but the risotto… forget it. It was more like a paste than anything else and it actually tasted like cardboard. To top it all off, our waiter was clearly off in another planet and got our checks wrong not one, not two, but three times. So disappointing.

The next time I go to Leaf, it’ll strictly be for a bottle of wine on the patio.