Cypress Gardens

When I originally thought of Cypress Gardens, I had visions of “The Notebook” running through my head… A romantic and leisurely boat ride. We’d just sit back and take in the beautiful surroundings. Mike would row as I’d look out at the swans passing by…

As if!

That romantic boat ride swiftly turned into a sweaty, buggy workout as I paddled through murky waters and Mike took pictures of lily pads and potential alligators.

In all seriousness, though, Mike paddled more than I give him credit for, and Cypress Gardens is truly lovely and a must-stop if you live in the area. It costs $10 to enter the park and all activities are free once you’re in. There are beautiful walking trails, alligators (I swore they were animatronic; they looked so fake!), and of course, the romantic boat rides through the beautiful swamp, surrounded by greenery and tupelo trees.

Fair warning: If you decide to venture out to Cypress Gardens between now and mid-October, be sure to go online and determine an alternate route. We drove nearly one hour before arriving two minutes from our destination, only to find out that we had to turn around and take a detour due to a closed bridge. You live and you learn.

One Comment to “Cypress Gardens”

  1. Now how would you have had all these great pictures if the photographer had been rowing??? interesting about the type of trees by the way!

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