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October 23, 2014

“the most beautiful campus that ever was”

Mike and I hadn’t visited our alma mater in four years and while so much has changed since graduation day, so much has remained the same. Our former off-campus residences still stand–to our dismay; the old brick buildings are just as beautiful against the crisp and colorful fall backdrop as they’ve always been; the charming cobblestones on High Street could still catch a stiletto; our favorite bar is still in-tact; and the traditions still hold true.

One of Miami’s oldest traditions is for couples–or Miami Mergers–to kiss under Upham Hall’s arch at midnight (otherwise known as the Upham Arch). Now it wasn’t midnight, but Mike and I–being the traditionalists we are–just had to carry on this tradition.

All college experiences are special in their own right, but Miami holds a special place in our hearts more now than it ever did. This is the place that brought us together and changed our lives forever, and it is certainly, without a doubt, still the most beautiful campus that ever was.