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May 7, 2013

Riley’s First Day

Riley had her very first day of doggie daycare last week and I have to admit, I was scared to leave her.  She had just hosted one of my friend’s five month old puppies the weekend before and not only was she not playful, she was downright stressed and terrified.  When Winnie wanted to play, Riley would literally put her head down and back herself into a corner.  Sad.

Unfortunately I have to board Riley while I’m in New York for a few days and most kennels require a “trial” daycare in order to see how your pet interacts with others.  As it turns out, Riley doesn’t do much interacting… Poor thing.  I couldn’t help but watch the doggie cam every so often and each time, “No Friends Riley” was sitting off to the side by her lonesome, observing.

I felt like that mom who watches her child play alone in the sandbox while the other kids are all laughing and playing together.  She is such a little munchkin… it just breaks my heart!

Now let’s play a little game of “Where’s Riley?“.

It may sound strange to those who have dogs who love to run around and play with other dogs, but Riley really is most content when she’s relaxing at home, with the people she loves around her.  She’s a little homebody.  And I respect that.

Just hiding out in the puppy crate while she watches her visitor play with all her toys…