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December 30, 2013

Christmas in New York

Each year, I anxiously await the arrival of Christmas, yet dread the end of it. I refuse to go to sleep early on Christmas Day because I want to savor every last minute, but try as I might, the holidays manage to fly by in an instant.

We spend countless hours decorating, shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, preparing, and visiting, but before we know it, the holidays are over.

Oh, to rewind back to December 21…

2013 gift wrapping: before + after | view from atop Pod 39

Riley as Santa Paws | my favorite building decking the halls | brunch at Barbounia

annual Rockefeller Christmas Tree photo | Empire State Building | my favorite girl

Riley loves a good photo opp | St. Agnes on Christmas Eve | the day after Christmas

December 28, 2013

ABC Cocina

It’s actually been weeks since I dined at ABC Cocina, but I felt the urge to document it when my sister and brother-in-law talked about their experience at ABC Carpet & Home during a rainy day in NYC this past week.

I really enjoyed my experience at ABC Kitchen last year so I expected nothing less from its sister restaurant.

ABC Cocina did not disappoint. The atmosphere seemed a bit more intimate than that of ABC Kitchen’s–it also didn’t hurt that we were tucked away from the crowds with a prime window seat–and the food was just as satisfying (my girlfriends and I walked away with way too much of it in our bellies).

Both restaurants are decorated beautifully (are we surprised?), but both have their own design elements–ABC Cocina is dark and almost grungy, whereas ABC Kitchen is light, airy, and feminine (much more my style). It’s hard to choose sides here so it really all depends on what you’re craving–the names say it all.

December 27, 2013

Oak Steakhouse

Photo Credit: Oak Steakhouse

Mike and I decided to go to Oak Steakhouse during his latest visit to Charleston. It’s not the hottest restaurant in town, but we heard good things and both of us can always go for a nice steak dinner.

Oak was just that. The steak was done just right, there were more condiments than Mike knew what to do with, the sides were wonderful, dessert was delicious, and the bread exceeded our expectations. I’m pretty sure that I asked the waiter for more bread at least 3x. And it may just be the best restaurant bread I’ve ever had… Really.

Also, the setting can’t be beat. The two-floor restaurant is nestled in the heart of downtown Charleston on historic Broad Street, a gas lantern luring diners through the tall double doors.

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it now, and I will say it again… there is simply no place like New York at Christmastime. I feel so fortunate to be celebrating the holidays–in below freezing temperatures–with the people I love most.

Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2013


For somebody who’s as obsessed with candles as I am, it’s shocking that I never thought about how they were actually made. A lot goes into the art of making the perfect pour + scent and it never occurred to me until my trip to the Rewined warehouse (check out their awesome start-up story, here).

Located in downtown Charleston, the Rewined Christmas cocktail party was the perfect way to kick off the holiday season. It also made me appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into making all of those candles that I hoard. My name is Meghan and I am a candle addict. I even had the opportunity to label and pour my own Christmas-inspired scent, “Wine Under the Tree“.






December 21, 2013

Christmas in Charleston

I’m about to hop on a flight to New York and won’t be returning to Charleston until 2014. That being said, I felt compelled to share some festive photos from the holiday season in the Lowcountry.

It will be a high near 80° today, so I’m in for a rude awakening upon landing in chilly NYC. I really don’t mind it, though–in small doses, of course. I look forward to watching the snow fall from the comfort of my parent’s home as I curl up by the fireplace with Riley. It helps put me in the holiday spirit.

Oh, time off… Such a simple thing that brings joy to all.

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 12.44.32 AM

palm trees are dressed to the nines in Marion Square | a festive Longwood Antique Woods cabin | a bonfire is always welcomed, whether it’s 70° or 7° | my little Charlie Brown tabletop Christmas tree | I am obsessed with this live tree from L.L. Bean | my Thymes Frasier Fir burns non-stop, all season long | brunch at Marina Variety | adorable Christmas tree stand at Jubilee | $5 Christmas bouquet | scenes from the office Christmas party | the last sunset I’ll see in Charleston until 2014 | northbound suitcase is packed to the gills with presents and gift wrap

December 20, 2013

Sarah Jarosz

I’m still learning about a lot of things down here in Charleston… from food, to drinks, to music. The music is so different down here. And this is coming from someone who knows the lyrics to just about any and every song–or so I thought…

I had never heard of Sarah Jarosz before she came to play on the back porch of our offices, but since seeing her perform, I have downloaded several of her songs on iTunes.

December 19, 2013

Silver & Gold: jewels

1. Michael Kors watch  |  2. Saint Laurent ring  |  3. Jules Smith ring  |  4. Gurhan ring  |  5.  House of Harlow bracelet

6. Vita Fede bracelet  |  7. Gurhan earrings  |  8. C.Wonder bracelet  |  9. Rebecca Minkoff necklace

December 18, 2013

Target Awesome Shop

I don’t pin and I don’t tweet, but a friend recently told me about the Target Awesome Shop, which consists of items from the website that had the most “pins”. Why waste your time searching when you can have the best gifts at your fingertips?

This is a great cheat sheet for last minute gift ideas… Some of my favorite items from the Target Awesome Shop, below.

headboard  |  lights  |  basket  |  rug  |  mixer  |  blankets

mirror  |  canisters  |  stools  |  cloche  |  table

December 17, 2013

festive frocks

1. Kate Spade pumps  |  2. J.Crew shirt  |  3. Mossimo belt  |  4. Theory blazer  |  5. J.Crew skirt

6. Devon Baer top  |  7. By Malene Birger pants  |  8. Camilyn Beth dress  |  9. Camilyn Beth dress  |  10. Anniel flats